Introducing The Breakthrough Accelerator

The Breakthrough Accelerator provides a reliable way—a unique forum, methods and tools—to foresee what’s needed next, and to show the way.

How does it work?
An individual or a group brings sensitive questions and dilemmas, and together we explore the associated patterns and dynamics. We go beyond talking about the issues and merely sharing opinions. We use simulation and modeling to conduct fast-cycle experiments. We also practice new behaviors, including ways to adapt to resistance and fatigue when trying to implement something new in a larger system.

How have others benefited?

  • Dr. William Ury, co-author of “Getting To Yes”, and his colleagues at The Global Project on Negotiation at Harvard University developed a new approach to conflict resolution for the Middle East.
  • HP anticipated and eliminated breakdowns associated with global deployment of enterprise software.
  • Intuit leveraged its Learning and Development function to help accelerate transformation of a key business unit.
  • The Whidbey Institute realized a dramatic turn-around for its entire organization.